Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TWI THE HUMBLE FEATHER: Music For Spaceships And Forests
Dec 15, 2008

Proving that unplugged need not be synonymous with simple, Brooklyn acoustic three-piece Twi The Humble Feather take a composition-like approach to their sound, and claim influences ranging from Bach to Philip Glass. Their debut concept EP, Music For Spaceships And Forests, is unique in its refusal to commit to one sound. "Adventure Of Castle One" features chilled guitar strumming along with lilting harmonies that suddenly touches of reggae and trance. Lullaby-like sounds resonate on "Higher Than The End," while "Finale" flirts with faster, more urgent beats.

The upfront guitar strumming combines classical and flamenco influences while sensual, abstract chanting provides the background. Instrumentals are confident and experiment with different rhythms whilst retaining a delicate sound; the result is captivating and almost tribal, and no two tracks sound like one another.

Tracklist For Music For Spaceships and Forests:
01. Higher Than The End
02. Adventures Of Castle One
03. Music For Spaceships And Forests
04. Adventures Of Castle Two
05. Finale


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