Friday, January 30, 2009

Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat
New dark-cabaret artist Mistress Stephanie And Her Melodic Cat are scratching up a new record, Take That!, to be released February 10 on Pressing Records. The group is made up of Stephanie (the Mistress) Stephens, an actress from Austin, Texas, and guitarist Adam (the Cat) Sultan, formerly of Poi Dog Pondering, Golden Arm Trio and Spank Dance Company. Primarily influenced by the bawdy theater goings-on of Weimar Republic Berlin, the group straddles a diverse landscape of sounds that include everything from punk, to synth, to polka... all in a vaudevillian manner. And they don't skimp on the get-ups: Stephanie sports a jet-black bob and Adam wears cat ears. Dresden Dolls enthusiasts rejoice.The duo has a few upcoming dates in Austin, assuming they can get Sultan to stop hiding behind the couch.

Tour Dates for Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat:
02/07 - Austin, TX - End Of An Ear
02/11 - Austin, TX - Beauty Bar
02/21 - Austin, TX - Red 7

Tracklist for Take That!:
01. Weimar
02. Get Off My Chest
03. Shake Your Dance Stick
04. Too Hard0
5. Heaven
06. I Hate Cabaret
07. Awfully Confusing
08. Grey
09. Little Death
10. Down Bo
11. Johnny Gewurztraminer
12. You Say You Love Me

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